It is good news today for all of us Deftones fans. Chi Cheng is starting to show signs of recovery after over 3 years in a coma. It you remember back to 2008, Chi (Deftone Bassist) was involved in a car accident that resulted in him slipping into a deep coma. Today he is seems to be waking up a little. If you haven't seen the video of him re-acting to therapy, then take a moment to check this out.

It is sad that he has been down as long as he has. But it is amazing that he is still with us. The band has been together since forming back in 1998 in Sacremento California. It is rumored that the song "Chi" off of Korn's album "Life Is Peachy" was inspired by the Deftone's bassist. Fingers crossed he makes it after such a long struggle.

Got to give the guy lots of respect for being so tough. That is why today, I am hooking up one of my favorite Deftones tracks. From their first album "Adrenaline".