As we count down to the end of 2011. I am including some of the best videos of the year this week on Vidiot. One of my fondest memories of 2011 is back in May, when the Foo Fighters and Motorhead took Missoula. Anyone who was at the show will agree that it was amazing. The Foo put on a badass performance that went on for hours. Also, having the opportunity to see Motorhead live was officially crossed off my list.

The Grammy Nominated album "Wasting Light" from the Foo is known for being recorded in an "ol skool" way. They recorded the entire album using only analog equipment. No digital technology was touched. They went a step further and filmed the video for "White Limo" using "ol skool" technology too. You will notice the video seems grainy and the colors make it look like you are watching a video from back during the birth of MTV. Also pay attention to the date on the bottom of the screen during some of the video. It reads "Jan 3, 2012" which is coming up. Could possibly be a sign of the end of the world.

In the video you have a cameo from none other than Lemmy himself. Lemmy is the limo driver of a badass Cadillac limo and drives around smoking cigarettes while picking up the members of the Foo on the way.

Now, our feature presentaion:

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