Last year the Blaze staff was graced by the presence of up and coming band Hourcast. We spent an evening bowling with Patrick, Dave Sully and Jerry. During our bowling game I had the chance to listen to Patrick go on and on about how awesome it was to get the living s#!t beat out of him by pornstar Jesse Jane. I was thinking "Holy Bill Shatner, How do these guys know that fine piece of ace?" It took me a couple more beers before I realized Pat was talking about the filming of their video for the single "Attraction".

In the video, Jesse reveals once again that "Bitches be crazy". Patrick obviously did something to tick her little booty off. The video flashes back and forth from the past to the present. The past being Jesse casually packing for a picnic to the present being Patrick helplessly chained up in the middle of BFE.

My vidiot pick of the day is Hourcast's "Attraction"... Please enjoy the visual goodness of seeing Jesse Jane holding multiple guns.