Cristina Scabbia, my little Italian goddess, and Lacuna Coil are the topic of todays Vidiot pick. From the country that is shaped like a boot and the birthplace of Lasagna, Milan Italy. The band is releasing their new album "Dark Adrenaline" on Tuesday (1/24). They are also making preperations for the Gigantour, with Motorhead, Megadeth and Volbeat. That tour kicking off Thursday the 26th in New Jersey and making a stop in the Northwest in Kent Washington on Feb 21st.

In this video I don't even notice the other members of the band. I am immediatly fixated on Cristina and her sexy black dress. When she looks directly into the camera and sings the lyrics "Come to me, Come to me, I am waiting for you." I feel like I am  gonna haul my ass home, pack my s#!t and buy a friggin bus ticket. They have a "good vs evil" theme going on in the video. White vs. Black. The Cristina in the black dress is way hotter than the Cristina in the white (Lady Gaga-ish).  And for some reason I cannot figure out what the deal is with the stupid cat they keep flashing to. It looks hungry and nobody bother to take a time out and feed the little fella some "Meow Mix".

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