Summer is ALMOST here, and your goal of getting in shape is already dwindling. For much of the first half of this year, you told yourself you were going to work on that summer beach bod. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that is happening. So why not just enjoy your summer with whatever body you are currently working with? While you are at it, put down the salad and grab a donut. Maybe do a couple of "16-ounce curls" and crack open a beer.

There are tons of 5k fun runs/walks. But, you have to be in shape to enjoy them. Even if you are just walking, it can be exhausting. If only there was something a little more of your style. Something that involved cold beer instead of water bottles. Or donuts at every checkpoint. That's what the Lard Butt 1K is all about.

According to the Facebook event page

Fellow Lard Butts, Last summer we had had a glorious 1K in Missoula and this July 22, we have a bigger, better venue at Fort Missoula State Park. Who's in for making some Lard Butt history with us?? Reserve your spot today at! For just 35 bones, you get entry into the wave of your choice, a custom Lard Butt 1K Missoula 2023 tee shirt, all the Krispy Kreme donuts you want, an adult beverage of your choice, and more. Who's in??
The 1K will be broken down into different levels of participation.
  • The Show Off Wave - For people who actually want to run. Just be warned that there will be lots of heckling during this wave.
  • The Legends Wave - For everyone over 250 pounds
  • The Waddlers Wave - For those under 250 pounds
  • The Kids Dash - For Kids 10 and younger

Advance registration is $35 and includes entry, a t-shirt, a free drink, and other food. Price goes up to $40 the week of the event. You can register NOW at

The Lard Butt 5k is expanding this year. As the Lard Butt 5k will also be taking place in Seattle on August 5th. Just in case you don't get your fill of donuts and beer in Missoula.

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