If you’re paying attention to WandaVision you have definitely noticed how many hexagons are in this show. They’re in the opening and closing credits of every version of the sitcom-within-a-show. They’re often hidden in the decor around Wanda and Vision’s home. The shape of the energy barrier around Westview, New Jersey is even a hexagon. So what gives?

Yes, we know that Wanda makes “hexes” in the comics, and Darcy calls the “anomaly” a hex because of its hexagonal shape — but we think there’s more to it than that. If it wasn’t, why would Jimmy write it on his whiteboard as a big question? (“Why hexagonal shape?”) There’s got to be a bigger reason. And in our latest video, we break down all of the uses of hexagon on WandaVision, and try to figure out what they secretly mean. Watch the video below:

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