It has been a couple of years now, since Letterkenny debuted in the US. And, chances are about 60% of your friends have been shamelessly trying to ram the show down your throat. You have had friends laugh and re-enact scenes from the show, but you are oblivious to what they are talking about. Well, it is about time you give in and give the show a chance. Season 9 in coming to Hulu on December 26th.

When I try to explain to anyone who asks about Letterkenny, I simply sum it up as "if a reality show was centered in Cutbank or Havre." It is a show that takes place in a small town of 5,000 people. It is a rural town with Irish heritage. The show focuses on the different cliques in the community. It has characters that represent the farmers and ranchers, the jocks, the "skids," the "De-Gens," and the Natives.

As Canadian as the show is, you can't help but relate a lot of the show to life in Montana. I mean we are practically twins to the rural way of life.

The one thing about the show that is a required taste, is the fast paced dialogue. You have to pay close attention to the dialogue between characters. If you don't listen closely, you will miss a majority of the jokes and insults. Which are what REALLY makes the show so unique.

With the premiere of the new season coming up on December 26th, Hulu has recently released the Cold Open of season 9. Watch the first 3 minutes of the new season NOW.

NSFW (Language)


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