The iTunes Festival started July 1st in London.  It's 32 nights, 61 artists, 1 venue.

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Eat World on Facebook

The bands:  so far you've only missed Linkin Park. There's still a whole slew of bands scheduled to perform this month including Foo Fighters and Jimmy Eat World on Monday.  Let's see, my all time fav band and one of my top 5 fav bands, hellyeah, I'm there.

The venue:  The Roundhouse is this rad legendary venue in North London.  Hendrix, The Doors, Led Zep & Pink Floyd have all played there.
How do you witness all this goodness without going to London?  The live streams are free at iTunes.  Learn more here.

Monday JEW go on at 1pm Missoula time and Foo go on at 2pm.

To watch on your iPad, iPhone or iPod – download the FREE iTunes festival app.

To watch on your computer – simply open iTunes + click on the ITUNES FESTIVAL banner on the front page.

Go HERE to get what you need

Don't have iTunes yet ? Go here

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