While many will cite THAT voice as one of Chester Bennington's more defining traits onstage, the vocalist was also quite adept in making a connection with the crowd. It's been a staple throughout his career that you could view just how intensely the vocalist felt what he was singing by the expression on his face and often times what he was singing felt as if it was meant just for you. So it's fitting that in his final performance as a member of Linkin Park, many of the fans in the crowd got to witness Bennington's talents up close.

We've compiled several fan-shot videos from the band's show in Birmingham, England on June 7 at the Barclaycard Arena, starting with one of the group's more intense songs "Crawling" as seen above. In this performance, Linkin Park have played with the arrangement, stripping it back initially to Bennington's vocals and a sole piano as the singer makes his way into the crowd, surrounded by those who love the band's music singing it right along with him. Below, you'll also catch Bennington getting right in with the crowd on "One More Light," the title track from the band's latest album.

Also below, there's a video from one fan who was attending her first Linkin Show that now has a memento she'll always remember. The clip finds Linkin Park back in their more upbeat performance mode, starting off with a little bit of "Papercut" before moving into "Bleed It Out." The clip ends with the band saying their farewells and Bennington being the last to exit the stage.

And finally, there's a fan-shot video of "Breaking the Habit," with Bennington bounding with energy around the stage as the fans can audibly be heard singing along. Watch all the clips below.

Taking a bit of a breather from the road of late, the band was set to start a new leg of shows on July 27.

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