Fans always hear about bands going through a warm up before the show, but what exactly is happening backstage before set time? Some artists like to go through finger exercises to loosen up the digits and drummers are often seen with a drum pad in their lap, going through rudiments. How about Metallica? In the video above, the band is seen in their tuning room, going through light rehearsal before hitting the stage at their Nov. 5 show in Costa Rica.

In a room sectioned off by black sheets, we see the legendary Bay Area thrashers fine tuning everything, going over a section of a song that isn't broken into traditional eighths as James Hetfield noted. He also turned to bassist Robert Trujillo, instructing him to make eye contact before the part changes during the show to help keep everything in lock step.

Drummer Lars Ulrich asked the rest of the band if they want to go over the middle section of "Wherever I May Roam" and some light chatter broke out between the members. They joked about putting the clip up on YouTube and guitarist Kirk Hammett quipped about the "haters." Instead of "Wherever I May Roam," they then ran through a bit of the Reload track "Fuel." Hetfield interrupted the rehearsal, singing, "It's time to go onstage my friend." The run through sparked an idea in Ulrich, who suggested extending a certain part to get the crowd involved.

This video offers insight into a band's routine, shedding some light on what happens pre-show and how calculated moments like crowd participation parts are born. Metallica also released a video (seen below) of their performance of "Orion" when they finally did get onstage in Costa Rica as well as footage of their first live performance of the new song "Moth Into Flame" from their New York City gig at Webster Hall (also below).

Hardwired... To Self-Destruct is the latest album from Metallica, their first since 2008's Death Magnetic. Prior to the album's release on Nov. 18, the icons rolled out a music video for every one of the album's 12 songs which can be seen here.

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