The USS Montana, U.S. Navy’s newest fast-attack submarine, is close to being fully ready for duty. After years of hard work, the new "Virginia class sub" the USS Montana is nearly ready to protect our nation. The christening ceremony of the USS Montana took place virtually this past weekend. The ship builders, distinguished guests of the Blackfeet nation and even Sens. Jon Tester, Steve Daines, as well as Rep. Greg Gianforte made comments during the ceremony.

According to the official press release of the event

PCU Montana is the second Navy warship bearing the state’s name. The first USS Montana (ACR-13) was an armored cruiser built at Newport News Shipbuilding and launched in 1906. During the ceremony, a replica of the bell that sailed on the first Montana was rung. The bell will be formally presented to the crew at the ship’s commissioning, and will be part of the submarine for its entire service life.

“Today is an exciting day for the Navy and the crew as our sponsor christened the Navy's newest Virginia-class submarine, the Montana,” said Capt. Mike Delaney, commanding officer of the pre-commissioning unit. “While the coronavirus precluded most of the crew's participation in this ceremony, it in no way diminishes the great accomplishment. I couldn't be prouder of the way the crew of Montana alongside our shipbuilding partners have adapted to the new normal and focused on responsibly living up to our mission. This is not all too surprising given the innate resiliency and toughness I've seen my whole career in the submarine force. This submarine, like all the individuals who have contributed to getting it to this major milestone, will stand as a reflection of strength through adversity.”

Three of Montana’s crew members hail from the state of Montana.

Construction of Montana began in 2015 under a teaming agreement with Electric Boat. The submarine achieved pressure hull complete earlier this year, and is about 85% complete. Montana is scheduled for delivery to the Navy in late 2021.

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