It's been a while since the Food Network made a little pit stop at Missoula's favorite BBQ joint, the Notorious PIG! And TONIGHT is the night they make their national television debut on the new I Hart Food series!

Here's a little bit about the host of I Hard Food, Hannah Hart, and her brand new Food Network series:

YouTube sensation Hannah Hart has spent the last five years sharing her passion for food and love for puns with millions. Now, she's setting out across the country to discover the regional favorites that consume America from sea to shining sea. She'll learn the many ways that Portland, Maine loves its lobster, how Santa Fe, N.M. cherishes its chilies, and how Asheville, N.C. takes its dishes Southern-fried, thank you very much! This hungry Hart is on the lookout for the country's most incredible foods and the awesome people who make them.


The Missoula segment featuring the Notorious PIG is appropriately named Meat Me In Montana... get it?! Haha Here's how she described tonight's episode:

Montana is known as ranch country, but in Missoula, they're taking their meat obsession to a whole other level. Hannah Hart is digging deep into the meat of this city and tasting hearty dishes like lamb and polenta, bison tacos, and a 36-ounce rib eye.


So tune in TONIGHT to the Food Network at 8pm our time to show our very own Missoula BBQ joint a little support! Hopefully the Notorious PIG doesn't forget about us when they get all famous!!!

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