Montana has been the target of a lot of angry TikTok rants ever since the TikTok ban was signed into law earlier this year. The Montana legislature introduced a law making it illegal to download the popular app in the state of Montana. Claiming that it does harm to national security, due to China collecting data from the users of the app.

According to, Gov. Gianforte wrote a memo to Montana’s Chief Information Officer Kevin Gilbertson and executive agency directors saying

One of government’s chief responsibilities is to keep its citizens – and their personal, private, sensitive information and data – safe and secure. Foreign adversaries’ collection and use of Montanans’ personal information and data from social media applications infringe on Montanans’ constitutionally guaranteed individual right to privacy

Many TikTok content creators are angry about this new law. Partly due to the fact that more states could follow and make it harder for the "content creators to make a living via the app.

One content creator by the name of lucky_chucky recently posted a video about the "TOP 10 WORST CITIES TO LIVE IN MONTANA."

@lucky_chucky The Worst Cities To Live In Montana🇺🇸👉 #fyp #montana #america #worstcities #worststatestolivein #top10 #montanacheck #MT #billings #tiktok ♬ original sound - Charles Hojnacki

According to this wildly overexaggerated video, you are rolling the dice just stepping foot into any Montana town. So it would probably be wise of tourists to look at bulletproof glass as a rental car option.

The poor pronunciation alone is enough to make any Montanan cringe. Not to mention the completely false statistics about each town. Or how about the fact that one of the places on the list doesn't even exist? Did he mean Ronan instead of "Ronas?"

The Montana TIKITOK ban does not take effect until January 1 2024. So feel free to check out more ridiculous videos like this one while you still can.

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