I can still look back at my time at the University of Montana and remember daily life on campus. I remember sneaking out of class early to play arcade games in the UC. Laying out on the oval on sunny days. Or, snagging a smoothie before enduring another boring lecture

John Hall is a Professor in Florida (But you would assume he was a Professor at MSU or UM). This guy sure has a way of getting through to his students. By demonstrating an "if you can't beat em, join em" attitude.

Check out the following video that was taken in 2006 during a lecture he was giving. I couldn't tell you what the topic of the lecture was. But I'm guessing it had something to do with The Revolutionary War or Old Churches or The" Middle Finger Salute." To be honest I don't think he even knows what the Lecture is about.

One thing we can be clear about is that Professor Hall sure is a happy guy. Plus, he sure has a hard time keeping his mind on track. He sounds a lot like I do when trying to tell just about any story after partaking in a couple of puffs of cannabis.

We can only hope the educators at the University of Montana are half as happy and bright as Professor Hall.

Happy 4/20 everyone

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