My Dad has always been a fan of horror movies. And, whenever he watches horror movies, he has the volume at full blast. I feel sorry for my Mom, as sometimes he will stay up late, watching some of the most ridiculous movies. Filled with blood curdling screams and chainsaws. My Mom has shared with me, how there have been many nights that she has woke up to the sound of maniacal laughter and screaming.

A family in Great Falls seems to enjoy their horror movies in the same way my Dad does. With the volume cranked. Unfortunately, during the mid season premiere of AMC's "The Walking Dead," the sounds of screams and gunshots led to armed police officers showing up at their home.

According to KRTV in Great Falls, the police arrived at the family's residence a little before 7:30 p.m. after their neighbor reported the disturbing sounds. Police surrounded the premises, and some even drew their weapons.

When the officers discovered that the family was just watching the hit zombie series, they simply asked them to turn it down and no further action was taken. Talk about adding a little excitement to the already intense mid season premiere.


    Like turning the volume up? We recommend it for this video, too.