Static-X have revealed a new song from their upcoming Project Regeneration album. Featuring the vocals of late mastermind Wayne Static, “Hollow” brings fans back to the Start a War sessions.

"This song was originally a demo from the Start a War album, which was never completed. Wayne and I never felt like the music on the original demo was fully realized,” says bassist Tony Campos. “The vocals sounded great, but some of the musical compositions from that time period felt a bit experimental. There is a reason that some of these tracks never made it on a previous Static-X album, and it certainly wasn't because of Wayne's vocals. The band was just going through a lot of changes at that time and, in retrospect, it felt like we were straying away from that authentic Static-X sound that had really defined us."

The reunion of Static-X has brought a new singer, Xer0, who pays tribute to Wayne Static onstage by wearing a mask of his likeness. Other vocalists who will reportedly appear on Project Regeneration include David Draiman, Ivan Moody, Al Jourgensen, Burton C. Bell and Dez Fafara. However, some of these appearances will be stricken from the album due to new demos of Static’s voice being discovered.

"After announcing Project Regeneration to the world, we unexpectedly uncovered even more unreleased tracks left behind by Wayne. Because of this, the album will have fewer guest vocalists and more complete songs featuring lead vocals by Wayne Static,” the band shared. “Right now, we are focused on finishing 12 tracks for Project Regeneration. Wayne's lead vocals will appear on more than half of the album. His fingerprints and those of the original WDT lineup are all over this record."

The identity of Xer0 is widely thought to be Dope frontman Edsel Dope, due to a matching tattoo discovered by internet sleuths. Edsel has strongly denied the theory, however

Project Regeneration is scheduled to be released on May 29. Listen to “Hollow” below.

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