The Black Stone Cherry show is sneaking up on us. If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, they are available at The Lucky Strike and online. BSC is known for their single "White Trash Millionaire." And, according to the song, it seems like a WT guy would have a lot of fun with all that dough. But a British Lottery winner, Michael Carroll, takes it a little too far.


After winning a huge jackpot, Mikey did as you would expect from a white trash dude. HE PARTIED! AND PARTIED! AND PARTIED! Maybe a little too much. He blew a big chunk of his money on a mansion. Then he turned the back yard into a demolition derby track. He thrashed the mansion in very little time.

I got to be honest though. I probably would party my ass off and do a lot of the same things. But I would set aside a little money for an army of cleaning ladies to clean while I fight the hangovers.