We had just walked into Target on Saturday night when I heard my wife ask our 6-year-old daughter if she had cut her hair? I thought that was a pretty odd question since my wife would obviously know if my daughter got a haircut - one of us would have had to take her to get it. But during the two seconds it took for that thought to pass through my brain I realized what was really happening as I heard my wife say "let me see, you did, you cut your hair." That's when I noticed the mini hack job that had taken place.

Thankfully, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. And if you casually glanced at her - you really wouldn't have noticed. But she had definitely done a little snipping in a spot that didn't quite fit well with the rest of her long hair. So yesterday a friend of ours came over with haircutting tools in hand - and our daughter is now rocking bangs for the first time ever in an effort to cover up her own doing. I vaguely remember my sister doing the same thing when we were younger. I guess it's a curiosity thing that kids will act on without realizing the consequences.

My daughter's makeover got us asking about funny | interesting | crazy things that listener's kids have done. We posed the question on our Facebook page and asked for some fill in the blank answers.

Here's a few great replies:

  • Ate chicken poop thinking it was chocolate chips.
  • Cracked a whole dozen eggs on their bed.
  • Shaved her eyebrow.
  • Ate chewing gum from the bottom of a shopping cart.
  • Broke two 50 inch screen TVs in 1 week.

There's never a dull moment with kids around. Add your thoughts to our conversation by clicking on the Facebook post above. Or send your thoughts in a text message using our mobile app.

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