What do dads really want for Father’s Day? Not being a dad myself, I find it hard to know what to give my husband every year around this time. I spend days ruminating on what the perfect gift is. Usually the answer I come to is an okay gift, but not perfect.

This year I finally gave up and asked my husband what the perfect Father’s Day gift would be. He gave me a few answers. I think all of these would be great, but even just picking a couple of ideas from this list would make for a great Father’s Day for any dad.

  • Sleep in

    Working long hours to support their families is just one way dads show love to their families. All this working tends to make dads a little tired. A great gift is just giving your husband a little peace and quiet so he can sleep in. If you have to corral all the kids and take them to grandma’s house for breakfast so they don’t disturb dad, then do it. I guarantee that a rested dad is a happier dad.

  • Time for favorite hobby

    Dads work hard and a little time set aside to do their favorite hobby is a great gift. If your hubby likes golf, give him a gift certificate for a free round of golf, and give him a whole Saturday to play it. If your hubby is in to fishing, then hand him his rod and reel and kick him outside to go fish wherever the road takes him for a day.

  • Favorite food

    The old adage that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, is true. I have seen this with all my boys and my husband. If they’ve had a bad dad, nothing seems to cheer them up faster than their favorite dinner. What better way to make dad’s day than by cooking his favorite dinner?

  • Family time

    Find something dad likes to do and incorporate the kids into it. If dad likes football then have a game of family football. If dad likes running, then everyone could go on a family run. Even if dad just wants to relax, the kids and dad could relax together. Everyone could grab a lawn chair and relax and just enjoy the weather together.

  • Alone time with Mom

    Well, there is a reason why dads have kids. They like to spend alone time with mom, that’s why. So, why not give dad what he wants? See if grandma and grandpa can watch the kids for a night so you two can spend some quality time together. At the very least, put the kids to bed early and spoon while watching Dateline.