It seems to be a well-known fact that if you're a drunk college student, your first food options to hit when the bars close is either T-Bell or Mickey D's. If you're like me, you'd choose the second option. But why am I drawn to cheap, salty and no where near nutritious food?

I'll admit, my typical go-to at McDonald's is a large fry. I mean who doesn't crave salt after a long night out with your friends? But seriously, what makes them so delicious? It could just be me, and maybe I don't necessarily want to know the answer as to why I love these strips of deliciousness. Orrrrrrrr instead of wondering, I'm snoopy, so let's find out anyway.

Cosmo posted about this almost a year ago showing a video that may, or may not, ease the mind a little to make you feel less guilty when you roll up to the drive-thru next Friday night.

Fun fact: McDonald's fries actually hold a grand total of 19 ingredients, according to a separate video.

In short: They use seven different kinds of oils for frying; random seasonings like natural beef flavor, hydrolyzed wheat, and hydrolyzed milk for taste; dextrose, which is a fancy word for sugar, that make fries look golden; a bunch of difficult-to-pronounce-but-allegedly-safe preservatives to prevent potatoes from turning a gross shade of gray when they're partially fried and frozen before they're shipped to stores for a final frying; salt for flavor

Oh...and don't forget, they also use potatoes.

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