The rivers surrounding Missoula are jam-packed with tube floaters, kayakers, fishing enthusiasts, and even surfers. With all those people enjoying the water, eventually, some celebrities will be spotted.

Can you really call yourself a Missoulian if you've never floated the Clark Fork? It's a local "must do" much like hiking the M or cheering for the Griz. One famous rapper loved floating in Missoula so much that he actually gave us/it a shoutout on a song.

Tyler The Creator is an absolute talent. Not to mention he might be one of the funniest people on the planet. If you've ever watched "Loiter Squad" on Adult Swim you know exactly what I mean.

Years ago Tyler was in town to play a show at the Top Hat. I know many bands and artists love to try out the cool local stuff when they play shows. It could be hitting up a favorite restaurant or even attending a Paddleheads game. On this particular trip, Tyler decided to float the river. A local Redditor even spotted him saying:

I floated by him at the beach in E Mo the day he played the Top Hat. He mentioned how much fun he had on the river at the show. Good for him! -Reddit User "Space______Stuff"

Well Tyler liked the experience so much he even gave it a shoutout on his next record on his song "Safari":

Blow up horizons, sun
Sled in the Alps or go tube in Missoula
Or tour in Japan or go scuba in Cuba

Now I'm not a huge fan of anyone famous talking about our small mountain town. You can see how that's been working out over the past 10 or so years, but this is pretty cool. I mean here is a guy that travels the world playing shows for a living, and he dug Missoula so much he gave us a shoutout. Let that sink in.

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