Still counting down the days until the big game archery opener in Montana. I am now slowly digging last year's gear out of the storage unit. One of my preparation goals is to empty my day pack and re-packing it with fresh trail mix and gear.

What is in my pack:

2 knives - because one always ends up getting dull from carving my name in trees and from cutting up lunch.

A lighter - essential to anyone who plans on getting out of the truck

Water - keeping hydrated makes hiking a lot easier

A saw - because trying to split a brisket with a knife isn't always the easiest thing

Trail mix or jerky - fuel the machine carrying you around the mountain

Extra clothing for layer - fall means cold in the morning and warm by lunch. Layer clothing to regulate body heat.

Calls - I carry 3 different cow talks and one bugle (reeds take up less room but require a little skill to use)

Wind direction powder - knowing the wind direction could mean the difference between getting a shot or going home empty handed.

Binoculars - because knowing is half the battle

AND a bag of TAG SOUP just in case I come up empty handed and still need to eat.

Check out the following video for more items you may need on your checklist