Halloween is still over 2 weeks away, yet people are starting to panic about what they are going to be this year for Halloween. More importantly, how to properly where your COVID mask under your Halloween mask. For folks here in Montana, the choice of what to be this year seems pretty easy. I was assuming that their would be a lot of Tiger King themed costumes or even presidential election themed costumes. But, what Montanans are searching for the most seems to be a little more classic.

Career website Zippia recently dug up google search data to find what Halloween costumes were be disproportionately searched for in each state. According to the Zippia website

We turned to Google Trends to find what costume searches were trending. We looked at over 100 costumes, using keywords paired with “costumes.” Good chance if you’re googling “Wizard Of Oz” costume in October, you’re planning a Wizard of Oz Halloween costume.

We only looked at search activity from 9/9/20 – 10/9/20. This means we missed all the last minute Halloween costume searchers. 

They found that a lot of the data found classic costumes. Everything from witches to pirates. Everything minus the simple bed sheet ghost costume. But, here in Montana we have been leaning towards the superhero genre. And not just any superhero, but the caped crusader himself, Batman!

Some of the highlights they found from other states include.

  • Plague doctor and Purge costumes are trending, how 2020
  • Carole Baskin (of Tiger King infamy) is a weirdly popular Halloween costume in Connecticut and Utah.
  • Are all those Minecraft (Kansas) and Paw Patrol costumes (West Virginia) for kids?

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