Sooooo America's Sweetheart, Kelly Ripa of the 'Live! With Kelly and Michael' show, dropped the phrase 'gangb**g' on their show, not once, but three times this morning.

Why would a show that caters to older mom types talk gangb**gs on their morning show? (Sorry for all the asterisks, I asked twice, I am not allowed to use the naughty word in my blog or on my show.)

It all comes down to the "secret" menu at McDonald's. A Micky D's manager recently did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session, and revealed that there is a 'grill' order menu at the restaurant, you just have to know what to ask for.

The examples he gave were the 'Land, Air and Sea' burger, which is a Fillet o Fish, Big Mac and McChicken squeezed into one big stoner sandwich. The other he referred to as the 'McGangb**g' is apparently a chicken patty stuffed into a double cheeseburger.

Ewww, we'll stick with the original kind of gangb**g, especially if Kelly Ripa is involved.

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