Every Mother's Day, I find myself in the same predicament. What do I get the woman who gave me life? When you think of it that way, there is no amount of chocolate or flowers that can really say how much you appreciate Mom. But, it turns out, Mom is happy with you giving a traditional gift. Simply showing up with flowers or a handmade card, lets Mom know that she is appreciated. A recent study polled Moms in all 50 states, to see what their favorite traditional Mother's day gift was.

The study shows that Moms here in Montana are big fans of being fed. Simply taking Mom out for a meal or making her breakfast is the most popular way to say "thanks Mom" in Montana.

The most popular gifts in other states are cosmetics and makeup, as well as a trip to the spa. Which were the number one most popular gifts in 12 states.

Check out what Moms in other parts of the country are expecting for Mother's Day.


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