First, I would like to see if anyone has any leads on the houses that are handing out full sized candy bars for Halloween. Any info would be appreciated.

Now, while we are on the topic of handing out treats for Halloween, what is the weirdest "treat" you have acquired while out trick or treating? That question was sparked on Reddit recently, and the results are hilarious.

Here are some of our favorites

  • A Caramel onion. (Disguised to look like a caramel apple, don't let the looks deceive you.)
  • A bible (Some anti Halloween propaganda)
  • Cans of green beans and corn (because kids need to eat healthy, even on Halloween)
  • Dog Food (because Fido needs to eat too)
  • A can of tuna (because Whiskers needs to eat too)
  • Condoms (wait a minute...I thought this was a kids holiday)
  • Raw Potato with googly eyes glued on (my mutant potato head)
  • A bar of soap (subtle hint)

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