Ugh. I've been avoiding writing about Foo Fighters as I am overwhelmingly heartshattered about the loss of Taylor Hawkins. The speculation about his death, the anticipation of a statement from Dave Grohl, I don't care about any of it. All I know is that I feel like this is the end of the band that I have treasured for more than 25 years, and it's a devastating, life-altering feeling for me.

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Foo Fighters officially announced Taylor's death on the day he passed, March 25th. This was followed by their only social media post since that heartbreaking announcement, on March 29th, which confirmed the cancelation of "all upcoming tour dates." This includes the Peak to Sky appearance scheduled for August 10, 2022, in Big Sky, Montana. So what's next for the festival?

A new lineup.

According to emails I've received from the promoter, Outlaw Partners, they are working on a new lineup of artists to hold a festival on the weekend of August 12th and 13th in Big Sky. Those of us who are holding tickets will get first access to tickets.

Every new fact makes me sad for a new reason. Am I grateful to get a refund? Sure. Am I devastated that the Foo tickets that are currently on my fridge could very likely be the final pair? 100%


If you purchased tickets for Foo Fighters at Peak to Sky, you will get an automatic refund on Friday, May 6th. That's when refunds will be processed, of course it could actually take 10 to 14 days for those funds to hit your account. You don't need to do anything and keeping the tickets in anticipation for the new lineup isn't an option. You'll get a refund and when the new bands are confirmed, you'll have the first opportunity to purchase tickets.

Peak to Sky

If you're not familiar, this festival is curated by Mike McCready of Pearl Jam. The inaugural event was held just before the pandemic in the summer of 2019 in Big Sky with Taylor Hawkins, Chad Smith and Josh Klinghoffer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Duff McKagan of Guns n' Roses, Brandi Carlile, Thunderpussy, and Mike McCready himself performing. I'll never forget it and am so grateful I was able to see Taylor that weekend.

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