When you go through the archives of history, you're bound to find some weird stuff. I mean, just look around you - the world is a weird place NOW, imagine how weird it was hundreds of years ago? And a lot of times, if you go into the archives of your state's laws, you're going to discover a really weird one that isn't just weird for its time - you'll discover that the law is still in effect! And it's always something that makes you scratch your head and wonder, "Why was this a law in the first place?"

For example, did you know that drinking orange juice is illegal every other Tuesday in Michigan? Or that Georgia has a strict policy against eating apples in the parks?

Ok, actually, neither of those are true (yet), but they're the kind of thing that SOUND like they might be true. For some actually true ones, Thrillist compiled a list of the weirdest law in every state in the US, so of course I had to check out Montana's. So what was it?

Here's what they had to say:

If you start performing onstage, you are committing to finishing that performance on stage—you can’t abandon it mid-song. I came upon many strange and wondrous things while researching for this article, and the absolute strangest and most wondrous-est was the account of the 1987 court case that followed burlesque dancer Jimmy Lee Laedeke’s violation of this ordinance. Each minute you spend reading it counts as a minute of self-care.

Ok, yeah, that is a weird one! Have you ever been performing in Montana and stopped before it was over for whatever reason? Because if you were, you're breaking the law.

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