America is home to a lot of really weird stuff. I mean, think about it - Gary Busey lives here. That's gotta count for something, right?

And every state in the US has its own little slice of weirdness, so the folks at Thrillist put together this list to determine the weirdest roadside attraction in every single one. It includes such thrilling monuments like the World's Biggest Ball of Paint in Indiana, the PEZ Visitors Center in Connecticut, and the Glass-Walled Public Toilets in Texas. So what was their choice for Montana?

Honestly, I don't think ours is actually that weird, it's more cool than anything. For Montana, they chose Havre Beneath The Streets, a series of underground tunnels beneath the town of Havre. Here's what they said about it in the article:

OK, this is a little outside the box for a state littered with cool roadside fossil museums and whatnot, but there are only so many dinosaurs and ghost towns we can write about, and seldom is a roadside attraction actually under the road. There's basically an entire city underneath the town of Havre, a series of underground tunnels that houses the preserved remains of a Chinese laundry, opium dens, and even a bordello. And since this is a West, the saloon still stands too. It's basically a living museum of a boomtown past, one that's slightly creepy and endlessly fascinating. 

I mean, that is pretty cool, right? I've never been but I feel like I want to check it out. Have you been to Havre Beneath The Streets?

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