We haven't had much snow for sledding in the last couple of years in Missoula. Now that I think about it, the last time we had proper sledding snow was in February of 2019. My 6-year-old nephew is absolutely dying to go sledding, but there hasn't been a whole lot of snow sticking around in town, so the poor little dude continues to wait. There's a nice mini hill that the kids sled down near my mom's house, but where else do families go sledding around Missoula? Here are the places we know about.

The University of Montana Golf Course is truly a winter wonderland, the scenery is outstanding with all of the snow covered trees and, during most winters, snow so deep it reaches your thigh. Cool thing is there's this great little hill that's super safe for little kids, I've even seen parents send babies down it. There are also safe runs for those looking for something a bit more dangerous, and even some long, steep, extreme runs for the risk takers. Really something for everybody, highly recommended for families with small children.

For brave sledders looking for the ultimate Montana experience, I'd say Blue Mountain is the way to go. The spot we visited has a tailgating atmosphere, with options for smaller kids to have fun, and the crazy hills where you hope all the way down that you won't hit a tree.

The park at Linda Vista is an absolute blast! It's a fun hill for all ages, an easy hike up and perfect slide down. We had a really great time out there with grade school kids and teenagers, an ideal hill for a couple of hours of fun. I think it's called Rainbow Park.

We've only been up to the Prescott School sled hill once and it was super crowded, this was a bunch of years ago, though. This one is in Rattlesnake and another fun one for the whole family.

So there are a few options, now we just need some snow! Where do you go sledding?

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