There are several fears that I have and I've been dealing with them one at a time.  I used to be afraid of crowds... so I jumped in a mosh pit. I was afraid of heights... so I started rock climbing. I am afraid of white \water... so I'm going rafting. That's one way to get a rush right? Now the question is, who wants to join me?

Keep your day open on August 26th for a trip down the Alberton Gorge through 15 different rapids and most likely seeing me sob like a two year old with a skinned knee (not really, I'm more stoked than scared). You do have to be 18 or older and have $65 to pay for your spot. This might seem steep, but not after you think about everything included.  For 65 bones, you get transportation, all the gear to go, we're feeding you, AND you get a full day of guided rafting from Western Waters!

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