Well, I am sure the Doomsday Preppers in town are currently enjoying their time in their bunkers. The Coronavirus hysteria has made it's way to western Montana. How can you tell? Just go try and find a bottle of hand sanitizer or a face mask. They are few and far between, as people are freaking out about the virus making it's way to Montana.

Even though not much is known about the coronavirus, its symptoms look a lot like those of someone with a severe case of the flu. The recent deaths in King County, WA are elderly people, who are also susceptible to dying from the flu.

So what can you do to avoid the coranvirus? Just like the common sense practices of avoiding the flu, WASH YOUR HANDS, is priority number 1. But, using hand sanitzer is not considered washing your hands. It is not as effective as using soap and water. So why are shelves in Missoula empty of hand sanitizer and full of hand soap?

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