January 14th is my Christmas, the day my hero and savior was born. Let me be the first to wish you a Merry Grohlmas on this special holiday.  Like any holiday, we celebrate with a special Dave Grohl inspired dinner. Egg rolls (because we refer to them as "Dave Grohls"), a variety of Dave's favorite cheeses and his favorite Japanese beer. Fun fact: he loves Japanese beer but does not like Japanese porn because he feels that the people don't look like they're having any fun.

I have a difficult time writing anything about my hero, as I have way too much to say. But here are a very few reasons why Grohl is my God.

  • He likes costumes.
Ghost Ghirls
  • He's genuine and honest.
  • He's very quotable.
  • He's effing HILARIOUS.
  • He's a brilliant song writer and performer.
  • He loves side projects: movies, documentaries, funny videos, collaborating with other artists, side bands.
  • He didn't use his Nirvana fame to launch Foo Fighters. In fact, he used the name Foo Fighters to give the impression that it was a new band with several members, even though at the time, he played all instruments.
Shooting of White Limo video on Facebook
  • He's an awesome dad to his daughters.
  • He can speak while he whistles. Amazing party trick.
  • Studio 606. This is my place of worship.
  • He's called "The Nicest Man in Rock" and it's TRUE.
  • Even the biggest of the big rock stars adore him.
Kevin Winter, Getty Images
  • The passion he poured into the making of "Back and Forth" and "Sound City".
  • He used to use one of his Grammy's as a bedroom door stop.
  • He was arrested in 2000 for "drink driving" in Australia...on a moped.
  • When his hometown named an alley after him, he actually showed up for the ceremony.
  • The song title "Hey Johnny Park" has nothing to do with the song, he just called it that because Johnny Park was his childhood buddy who he hadn't seen in a long time.
  • His rad t-shirt collection.
Jason Merritt, Getty Images
  • He's not afraid to admit to enjoying bands that are not rock, he owns it.
  • He ate his birthday lunch today at...Denny's.


My two favorite Grohl videos that are not Everlong.