For about 3 days straight I was bombarded with tweets, facebook posts and even a giant advertisement in Revolver Magazine about the latest album from "Of Mice And Men". I hadn't really been a big fan in the past, and to be honest I thought the band had completely broken up due to band members leaving/getting fired.

My curiosity was peaked to say the least. With their brand new album, "The Flood" dropping on June 14th, and a replacement vocalist, Austin Carlile (former Attack! Attack!), I had to see what was up.

What caught me right away was the musicianship. Loud, aggressive, and just flat out GOOD! I come across many bands that have that in the sound. To me, a singer can make or break a band. When the vocals broke in, I thought for sure this was just going to be another Screamo record. I'm glad I stuck around for another 40 seconds. The breakdown in "O.G Loko" blew right off my seat. Austin's vocals go from sledge hammer to a surgeon's knife in matter of seconds. The whole record is a perfect mix of aggression and melody.

Apparently I'm not the only one that feels this way. The band's album sales have soared, and so far has landed them on the #28 spot of the Billboard charts. This is a pretty big deal for a metal band, right out of the chute.

Check out the press release via Rise Records:

After massive amounts of hype and anticipation Of Mice & Men’s latest release The Flood has met and exceeded all expectations by debuting at #28 on Billboard’s Top 40, making it the highest-selling first week ever for Portland, OR based indie, Rise Records.

The latest release from the Southern California rockers marks the return of former Attack Attack! front man Austin Carlile after a nearly year-long absence from the band. The album showcases the band’s remarkable progression since forming in 2009, while still giving fans the brutal breakdowns and catchy choruses that helped make them key players in the metalcore scene.

Of Mice & Men will be out on the Vans Warped Tour all summer and will follow that up with a full US tour this fall.

So far critics seem to like The Flood as much as fans do. Alternative Press calls it’ ““….a genuine statement of artistic purpose…” While Ourzone Magazine hails it as, “…an essential metalcore album…” The band is currently featured on the cover of Outburn Magazine which is available nationally at a newsstand near you.

The Flood is available now in both physical and digital versions. The physical CD includes an extra bonus track. To purchase the album on iTunes.

Of Mice & Men is:

Austin Carlile (vocals)
Valentino Arteaga (drums)
Shayley Bourget (vocals/bass)
Phil Manansala (guitar)
Alan Ashby (guitar)

The Flood Track Listing:

1. O.G. Loko

2. Ben Threw

3. Let Live

4. Still Ydg’n

5. My Understandings

6. Ohioisonfire

7. Purified

8. Product Of A Murderer

9. Repeating Apologies

10. The Great Hendowski

11. I’m A Monster

Do yourself a favor and listen to the song "O.G Loko" below. I think many of you will really dig this new album