Nintendo's $19.99 Wii U peripheral for Super Smash Bros. has become extremely hard to find and (you guessed it) people online are trying to take advantage.

Kotaku reports that the Wii U's GameCube controller adapter has become extremely hard to find, and third-party retailers online have started trying to exploit this shortage. The $19.99 adapter is sold out at most locations and major retail websites. Third-party vendors on eBay and Amazon have been selling the adapter for $50 and up, with some poor souls even buying the adapter for over $120.

Given most people still prefer the original GameCube controllers to play Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U over the Wiimote, GamePad and 3DS, we knew the adapter was going to be a hot item -- we just didn't expect Nintendo would produce so few of them. Just like how we predicted the Link amiibo would sell out at most stores, the GameCube adapter did as well. Of course, Nintendo didn't plan on Link or the GameCube adapter to be so popular.

For those still trying to find an adapter, we suggest calling up your local retailers and finding out when they'll be getting their next shipments in -- don't give your hard-earned money to people who are simply trying to exploit your need to play Smash Bros. with a GameCube controller.

Just blast this song if you try to fight someone for a GameCube adapter:

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