Doesn't it sometimes seem like there is a different one for every vehicle in the state? Well, a Montana license plate diet could be on the way.

Unless minimum buying quotas are met (didn't we already have those?), Montana drivers may have fewer specialty license plates to put on their vehicles. The state legislature approved new rules in 2019 to discontinue less popular plates from the menu.

Currently, Montana offers 266 specialized plates, with proceeds benefiting the plate's identified charity. But starting in 2020, Montana will discontinue plates chosen by fewer than 400 vehicle owners. Another change to the law requires 75% of revenue from the plates to be spent in Montana.

One reason that is cited for reducing the number of license plate choices is to make plates easier for law enforcement officers to read. But whatever the reasons, if you like your plate and you think it might be discontinued, you better go on a campaign to make sure at least 399 of your closest friends are on board to support its cause.

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