When I was growing up we used to raise our own hogs. In case any young kids are reading this - I'll just say we would raise them until the magic meat fairy would come and leave us a freezer stocked full of meat. And what a deal, all the fairy would ask for in return was to take that hog of ours. Ha!

In the years that have followed, I've always bought my meats from the store. But it might be time to revisit the ways of stocking the freezer with a processed pig. You may have seen stories about meat shortages lately because of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. One of the biggest examples has been different Wendy's locations having some of their menu items unavailable because of their difficulties in getting their regular meat supply. Well, there are thoughts that we might see a pork shortage by the fall.

OH MAN! That doesn't sound promising! But, we're always seeing stories about things that are supposedly in danger of a shortage. It seems every other month there's some story about how chocolate will be in low supply and high demand, or french fries will be hard to find because of some potato shortage somewhere. But, c'mon.....when you start talking about our bacon supply, that's when you get my attention.

Pork prices are expected to rise in the fall. If you watch the video above, or read the KPAX story here, you'll see one suggestion to make sure your ready in case of any shortage is to purchase a hog and have it processed. Well, as of now the Western Montana Fair says one thing that they plan on having when the fair rolls around is the 4-H auction livestock auction. Just a thought.

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