With the self isolation, unemployment, sanitizing,TP searching, earthquakes, record high temps, snow, home schooling and mask wearing, it may have slipped your mind that it's 4/20 all month long. Here at The Blaze, we've been looking forward to this glorious month since April 2019, and we've got some goodies for you!

We've teamed up with Montana Kush to give away prize packs every Thursday. Each prize is different, but could include any variety of the following:

  • A variety of products from select CBD, CBDMD, Puffco, and Cookies brands.
  • 300mg full spectrum gummies ($30)
  • 1500mg full spectrum tincture in various flavors ($99)
  • 300mg pet treats various flavors ($40)
  • 300mg and 750mg inflammation, freeze, and hydration formula topicals ($45-$65)
  • MT Kush swag
  • Blaze swag

Use your free Blaze app to text the word KUSH anytime in April, doesn't matter what day or time. Every Thursday, we'll draw names for prize packs. Huge thanks to Montana Kush for partnering with us! They have the only medical dispensary drive-in in Montana, you can find them at 1935 Cooper, on Missoula's west side.

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