Nick of Bubs N Boards has worked his ass off at making custom longboards and has made a few for some recent visitors.  The first one I saw I was able to hand deliver to Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch.  Nick had laid down some awesome graphics for FFDP and made it as a "thanks for coming" for the band. 

The last ones were designed for Avenged Sevenfold when they came to the Adams Center.  Angel and I were able to get them in and to the band.  One was made for the A7X, and Nick is raffling off the autographed one to help raise money for our friend who was diagnosed with Lymphoma.  You can find Nick at Boomers from 7pm to 11pm tonight and tomorrow night (Wed & Thurs) with the autographed board and raffle tickets.  Tickets are $3 for 1 or $20 for 7.  The raffle will be held January 7th at the Sunrise Saloon during the Fundraiser for Marc Doty.

If you would like any more information you can email me at or come down to boomers and talk to me or Nick.  Ill be there later that night to help sell raffle tix and have a few beers!