With Montana being a state that is no stranger to winter, the winter Olympics can be interesting, yet still boring to watch. That is why you should spice up your Olympic viewing party with some booze and drinking games. With this year's Olympics being held in Russia, vodka is preferred but not required.

When watching the Olympics on NBC, pay attention to the following:

  1. Take one drink every time a NBC announcer invites you to "share a moment with the world."
  2. Take one drink every time snowboarding highlights are backed up by rock-and-roll guitar/heavy metal music.
  3. Take one drink every time a female athlete is described as "America's _____ing sweetheart." Take an extra drink if the athlete in question is "American's curling sweetheart."
  4. Take one drink every time a figure skating commentator shouts that a skater "NAILED!!" a jump.
  5. Take one drink every time you hear a hockey announcer shout, "He shoots...he scores!" Take two drinks if you're watching women's hockey and you hear, "She shoots...she scores!"
  6. Take one drink every time NBC promises to get "up close and personal" with an athlete.
  7. Take one drink every time a skater is presented with a bouquet of flowers.
  8. Every time you hear our nation's national anthem - drink
  9. Every time you see the American flag - drink
  10. Every time an athlete bleeds from any part of their body - pound your drink

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