Calling all zombie fans and Brad Pitt lovers! The official trailer for 'World War Z' is now up online for your viewing pleasure.

Based off of Max Brook's hit novel, 'World War Z' is gearing up to be an action movie that will keep viewers on the edge of their seat. Plus, it's a movie that both men and women will enjoy because after all, who wouldn't love watching a zombie flick that stars Brad Pitt?

The trailer begins with Pitt's character and his family stuck in Manhattan traffic. As he steps out, he sees a helicopter flying overhead and a stressed-out cop yells that Gerry should get back into his vehicle right before a horde of hungry zombies descend on New York City.

As Gerry and his family frantically flee the Big Apple, viewers get tantalizing glimpses of the destruction the zombies have caused: crowds running from the flesh-eating dead, cities burning and most disturbing of all, a ticker on the computer that measures the current loss of population. In 'World War Z', about 4.4 billion people have been lost as the zombies continue their reign of destruction throughout the entire world.

There are also teasing glimpses of fight scenes that will have viewers gripping their chair's armrest in anticipation: the army fighting a horde of zombies, Gerry and his wife fighting their way to a helicopter for safety and a stunning shot of hundreds of zombies scaling a wall.

Of course, Gerry is recruited by his military friends to fight the flesh-eating dead, even though it means leaving his family behind. In another teasing clip, he promises his wife and two daughters that he is coming back, although it begs the question: as a human or as a zombie? Guess we'll just have to watch the movie next June to find out!

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