The universe has heard my prayers and combined 3 of my favorite things into one awesome package. Fishing, drinking whiskey and hot pizza. Would you ever consider fishing in a bar? No, Im not talking about fishing for your future ex-wife or literally fishing out of the fish tank. I mean belly up to the bar and drop a line in the water.

The ice conditions have been hit and miss for much of the winter this year. But, in Minnesota, ice conditions are usually pretty reliable. So much so, that school buses will shorten their commute in some areas, by driving across a frozen lake. With ice that sturdy, you could even construct an actual bar on the ice.

On Lake of the Woods, in the land of 10,000 lakes, an actual ICE BAR has been constructed. At the "ice bar" you can enjoy cold drinks and even hot pizza, all while you jig for perch. I am pretty sure I dreamt about this exact thing.

Youtuber, abbassing, recently made the pilgrimage to check it out.


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