I have been a proud owner of the Xbox 360 since it first came out in 2004. I was actually one of the people that stood in line to get one of the first consoles to come off the line. I have recently wondered when Microsoft was going to release the "next generation" of Xbox. Well, recently at this years E3 convention, the Xbox 720 was leaked to geeks everywhere.

My Xbox 360 has become a critical part of my home entertainment. I use it for everything from music to games to facebook to movies. The Xbox 720 will allegedly become an even bigger part of your home entertainment system. According to yahoo.com's plugged in "Running on a Windows 8 foundation, the new box aims to be even more of a living room staple than the current Xbox console, allowing users to record TV content in the background like a DVR. It also details improvements to Microsoft's Kinect camera system: better accuracy, improved voice recognition, and support for motion tracking for up to four players."

Microsoft refuses to comment on the alleged document that leaked. So no one really knows if this is legit or just some elaborate hoax. But rest assured that Microsoft is planning on releasing a new console in 2013.