Xbox Entertainment Studios has officially unveiled its Xbox Originals service and we have a firsthand look at some of the exclusive programming being offered.

The Xbox Wire has officially announced 12 exclusive projects coming to Xbox Originals, Microsoft's exclusive video programming service. Xbox Originals is a video streaming service that only Xbox 360, Xbox One and other Microsoft devices (presumably Windows Phones and PCs with Windows 8) can access. This service will consist of top quality comedies, animated features, unscripted shows, live events, documentaries and much more.

Xbox plans on offering interactive features and capabilities that will vary from show to show, likely in the form of behind the scenes content, deleted scenes and other bonuses. In particular, we can't wait for the two Halo programs coming from the Xbox Originals service, with Steven Spielberg working on one and Ridley Scott involved with the other.

The two Halo features consist of an original series and a digital feature. Scott Free Productions and Halo studio 343 Industries are collaborating to create the digital feature that features Ridley Scott ('Alien') and Scott Free TV President David Zucker as executive producers and Sergio Mimica-Gezzan ('Battlestar Galactica,' 'Heroes') as director. The Halo television series is going to have the legendary, award-winning filmmaker Steven Spielberg as its executive producer. Like Zucker's full-length feature, 343 Industries will be assisting with the series along with Amblin Television (Spielberg's production company).

The Bonnaroo music and arts festival will provide a live stream of the concert via Xbox Originals as you will be able to switch from the event's multiple stages to watch concerts featuring the likes of Elton John, Kanye West, Lionel Richie, Phoenix, Vampire Weekend, Jack White, Skrillex, Lauren Hill and over 200 other well-known, musical acts. A six-film-long documentary series, called 'Signal to Noise,' will debut with its first episode exploring the fabled Atari landfill of E.T. cartridges and the recent, successful excavation of the site.

'Every Street United' consists of eight episodes following legendary and undiscovered street soccer players from around the world that will end in a 4v4 street game finale that will happen right before the World Cup in Brazil. 'Humans' is another eight-episode-long series that revolves around having a synthetic, robotic servant being a part of normal livelihood. In 'Humans,' one poor family buys a refurbished synthetic servant only to find that there are some haunting consequences that come with their secondhand robotic helper. Expect to see most of these shows, along with the Bonnaroo music festival, to start airing throughout the summer.

Upcoming projects that are due for future release beyond the summer window include 'Deadlands,' 'Extraordinary Believers,' 'Fearless,' 'Gun Machine,' 'Winterworld' and an untitled, stand-up comedy show focusing on newcoming comics handpicked and hosted by the likes of Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera and Reggie Watts.

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