As someone who moved to Missoula from New York two years ago, let me say this: traveling back can be stressful. Like, very stressful. At any given time, you could be panicking because you've only got ten minutes between the time you land and the time your next flight takes off, or you could be bored because you've got to kill three hours once your next flight is delayed, or you could be sitting on the tarmac hoping for the weather to clear up so you can take off, or you could literally have to turn around because there's too much snow and get stranded in the Salt Lake City Airport (I don't recommend it).

So yeah, travel can be rough, but here's some news that might make things a little easier for me or for anyone else trying to travel to New York in the future - JetBlue just added a direct flight from Montana to New York! The catch... it's in Bozeman, not Missoula. But honestly - that's only a three hour drive, and it could be worth it just to avoid the hassle of switching flights. JetBlue has also added trips to Long Beach, Boston, and soon, Los Angeles.

I've been advocating for Missoula to get a direct flight to New York pretty much since I moved here, so this is a solid first step. Travel isn't exactly on the mind right now, but I haven't been able to see my family since Christmas thanks to COVID-19, so hopefully I'll be able to board that flight sooner rather than later.

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