According to the tv show "Worlds Wildest Police Chases" report, in June of 2003, officers in Madison County Montana were called to a scene at a bar in Ennis, Montana where a suspect later Identified as Goerge Davis shot seven civilians and one police officer in what was described as a "drunken rampage". According to Wikipedia Davis was a Paramilitary Veteran who served as a mercenary in Nicaragua. To me, this situation is an officer's worst nightmare.

When I first ran across this video I couldn't believe what I was seeing, and I couldn't believe I hadn't heard about this incident before.

The following day Davis was spotted by an officer on Montana Highway 93 who tried to pull him over. Davis opened fire and sped off in his Ford Taurus. The chase went all the way into Missoula County. Davis slammed on his brakes causing the officer to rear end him at a very high rate of speed and disabled the officer's vehicle. A shootout between Davis and the officer quickly ensued. Another officer arrived on the scene and returned fire with a shotgun. Davis was able to speed away, and the chase was on once again.

Davis was finally stopped right before the Idaho border with spike strips. Just as his vehicle was disabled he again tried to open fire but was quickly stopped as the officers quick thinking finished the chase by crashing into his car, disabling Davis. You can watch the video clip of the chase and shootings via the clip below from "World's Wildest Police Videos".

Davis was sentenced to eleven life terms, the longest sentence in Montana history according to Wikipedia. 

The craziest thing to me is the calmness and professionalism of these officers in what was no doubt a life-or-death experience. Montana cops are built a bit differently, that's for sure.

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