I grew up in Missoula, did you? Remember when A&C Drug was next door to this pawn/antiques shop? What would you add to this short list?

You know you grew up in Missoula if you...

  • skated at Skate Haven roller rink
  • watched pizzas being made in the window at Shakey's
  • played video games at the Odyssey arcade
  • drove or rode through the 93 Stop & Go drive through
  • attended horse races at the Western Montana Fair
  • know who Red Bex and Tommy the Leprechaun are
  • went to the May Fair Fling carnival downtown on Higgins
  • went on shopping trips to Yellow Front or Tempo's
  • remember when the peace sign on Waterworks Hill was surrounded by fire and eventually removed
  • remember when Rockin' Rudy's was on 3rd street
  • have been to Shaffer's Market
  • cruised 'The Drag'
  • saw movies at the Go West Drive In or The Fox
  • celebrated the glory of the 1995 Montana Grizzlies football team
  • remember when going to Kmart meant a long trip "all the way across town"
  • know who Doug Chase, Dick Lewis and Guy Baker are