So while perusing the news feed on my phone (btw we have a new radio app for smart phones. Check out RADIO PUP) I came across a real life article from the Center For Disease Control giving survival tips for the Zombie Apocalypse!! I thought "Awwwww yeeeaaaah! Here we go It's really real!! Lets kill some un-dead!" (Translation: my pants are now soaked with pee).

If the freekin CDC is posting a survival guide then its gotta be true, right?! Well.. kinda. I have a tendency to freak out without reading the whole story. With the recent earthquake in Japan, and the radiation leak, people have started to speculate if something like this was actually possible. They did put out a survival manual, but its basically for any disaster. How to be prepared in the general sense. They knew if they threw out the "Zombie Apocalypse" line, it would get people to actually read it!! Genius. It got me, and its great info!

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