Whether you celebrated Valentine's Day or SAD (Singles Awareness Day) yesterday, I hope you had a good one. I had a rad day, check out what I got for V-Day. It's a book full of boobs. No words, no stories, just chicks and boobs. Even the 2 D's on the cover are boobs. Here's the kicker, they're all in 3-D. And it's not hokey 3-D either, it's actually pretty awesome.  The book comes with a pair of old school paper glasses, which aren't all that bad, but my gift came with a kickin' pair of really high quality glasses so the pics looked that much better. The quality of the 3-D in this book really is impressive, looks like legs are coming right at you from the bath tub.

You've already missed out for V-Day, but if there's a birthday or anniversary coming up, I highly recommend this fun gift. You can order, learn more and see unedited pics here.