3D Boobs
Whether you celebrated Valentine's Day or SAD (Singles Awareness Day) yesterday, I hope you had a good one. I had a rad day, check out what I got for V-Day.
Why Did This Russian Guy Touch 2,000 Boobs? [VIDEO]
Recently, a Russian fellow named Sam Nickles touched the breasts of 1,000 different women, for a total haul of 2,000 boobs felt.
Why? Well, he claims he’s doing it for Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, because Putin is too busy with state affairs and being married to go out and touch potential …
New App Will Make The Twins Bigger
A new iPhone app called iAugment allows women who are considering breast augmentation to see how they would look with a new pair without actually having to go to the plastic surgeon to get an expensive and potentially embarrassing virtual visualization.
The app is simple enough to use: All you do is …
Sushi Boobs
You may have heard me on the air this morning talking about how I walked into the Blaze studio this morning to find a photo of boobs and sushi.  Well it had a point.